How It Works

Suppose you have a brilliant idea to create a mobile service. This will require at least the following stages:

  • Analysis of solutions available on the market
  • Creation of project architecture
  • Writing technical specifications
  • Creation of application’s visual mockups
  • Graphic design
  • Creation of software for mobile platforms
  • Development of application’s support web-site

As a rule, for each of the stages mentioned above staff is being formed, developer companies or independent professionals specializing in specific areas are being hired. Very often contractors are responsible only for their own part of the project, which leads to gaps and inaccuracies in the product implementation, making it difficult to achieve the ultimate goal of the client.

The result of such independent work of contractors is often a complete disappointment, making it unavoidable to redo everything from scratch again, wasting money and precious time.

The task of Geex Lab is to exclude the gaps in communication between the client and implementer of the project, coordinating separated groups of developers, as well as monitoring the quality of their work in order to achieve the set goal and not just to fulfill a part of work for the money to be paid.

Geex Lab takes care of all stages of the product development, advice on the product launch to the market, and provides further support and development of its functioning.

In short, you can confidentially express your idea in words and get a legal, financial model of work and a finished product.

Geex Lab is a distributor and a publisher of mobile applications in the major markets (Android, AppStore, Windows Phone 7, etc.) that are unavailable in many countries in Eastern Europe, as well as of any other software (desktop, server, or distributed).