Geex Lab Limited is a laboratory for rapid prototyping of projects in the fields of IT and high technology.

The purpose of the laboratory is to help beginner entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies having no developer staff of their own to test their ideas in high technology and IT projects.

The laboratory staff consists of IT-systems architects, programmers, system administrators, testing specialists, designers and other professionals without whom it is not possible to create high standard projects or prototype projects aiming to prove the viability of business and technical processes (Proof of Concept), search for investors, as well as coordinating at all stages of product development and its launch.

The area of our interests and expertise:

  • Complex IT projects
  • High-tech projectsNanotechnology, biotechnology, space technology and alike
  • Renewable energySolar, wind, water, plasma, gravitational and alike
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence systemsPattern and speech recognition systems, automated decision-making systems and alike
  • Brain-Computer (Human-Computer) interactions interfaces