Geex Lab strategy is to invest its knowledge and experience in new ideas, offering the author of the idea all the necessary knowledge and production capacities from a single source.

We are ready to start cooperation at any stage of a project, i.e. idea, prototype, a startup or a running business. Our task is to find ways and means to implement the ideas and realize them in a working project.

Our company is ready to support your project or idea on any of the following conditions:

  • for a share in a project.

  • for a share from the expected profit from a project

  • subject to return of the development value at the first or following rounds of investment or profit earned by the project

  • for payment subject to transfer of all copyrights to the author of the idea

  • outsourcing of the available project for support, refactoring, or remaking “from scratch”

  • a combination of items 1 to 5


Geex Lab guarantees 100% safety for all information we get during our cooperation. Business reputation is the main value and asset for us. Every Geex Lab team member is personally responsible for the reputation of the company; the support of our investors makes it even more stable.

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